The Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual

Beth Kersten, Ph.D.

This affordable, readable, and accurate manual includes lab activities designed to work for all institutions, even those with limited budgets and lab resources. The writing style is concise and designed to address the learning needs of any student population. The content is aligned with the international terminology standards to provide the best accuracy for all identification activities.

Outstanding Features:

  • Laboratory prep assignments familiarize students with key terms and concepts.
  • Learning objectives for each section guide student study.
  • Simple, concise writing style clearly explains key concepts.
  • Chapter terminology follows the standards set by the Terminologia Anatomica, Terminologia Histologica, and Terminologia Embryologica.
  • Critical thinking anatomical identification activities help students to engage with the content and retain important information.
  • Recall and Apply sections assess students’ ability to both recall the presented content and apply the knowledge in clinically oriented scenarios.
  • Terminology tables at the end of each chapter relate key chapter terms to alternate terminology used in comparative lab manuals and in the field.
  • Assign and customize your lab manual online, administer interactive assessments, and check for student understanding using in-class polling tools.
Available in Digital and Interactive Format

Assign and customize your lab manual online, administer interactive assessments, and check for student understanding using in-class polling tools. This is powered by bluedoor’s partnership with Top Hat, the leading active learning platform.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Anatomical Terms
  • Chapter 2: Introduction to the Microscope
  • Chapter 3: Cytology
  • Chapter 4: Histology
  • Chapter 5: Integumentary System
  • Chapter 6: Introduction to the Skeletal System
  • Chapter 7: Skeletal System
  • Chapter 8: Articulations
  • Chapter 9: Skeletal Muscle Tissue
  • Chapter 10: Muscular System
  • Chapter 11: Nervous Tissue
  • Chapter 12: Central Nervous System
  • Chapter 13: Peripheral Nervous System
  • Chapter 14: General Senses and Special Senses
  • Chapter 15: Cardiovascular System: Blood
  • Chapter 16: Cardiovascular System: Heart
  • Chapter 17: Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels
  • Chapter 18: Lymphoid System and Immune Response
  • Chapter 19: Respiratory System Anatomy
  • Chapter 20: Respiratory System Physiology
  • Chapter 21: Digestive System
  • Chapter 22: Urinary System Anatomy
  • Chapter 23: Urinary System Physiology
  • Chapter 24: Endocrine System
  • Chapter 25: Reproductive System
  • Chapter 26: Human Development and Heredity

Chapter Sample

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About the Author

Dr. Beth Ann Kersten is a tenured professor at the State College of Florida (SCF) Venice Campus. Beth currently teaches Anatomy and Physiology I and II, but also has teaching experience in comparative anatomy, histology, embryology, general biology for majors, and human biology for non-majors. She employs a learning strength–specific approach to assist students in the development of effective study strategies. As a lab coordinator, Beth expands the existing model inventories and develops new, economical, and engaging laboratory activities.

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