Examining unicellular, multicellular, and acellular microscopic organisms.

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Acid-Fast Stain
Antibiotic Sensitivity
Aseptic Transfers
Bacterial Transformation
Bile Esculin Agar
Biochemical Testing: Urease Test
Calibrating the Ocular Micrometer
Carbohydrate Fermentation in Phenol Red Broth
Casein Protease
Chemical Control of Microbial Growth
Comparative Evaluation of Antimicrobial Chemicals
Cultural Characteristics of Microbes
DNA Restriction Analysis
ELISA: Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Effect of Oxygen on Microbial Growth
Effect of Temperature on Microbial Growth
Effect of Ultra Violet Light on Microbial Growth
Effect of Water Activity on Microbial Growth
Effect of pH on Microbial Growth
Effectiveness of Handwashing
Effects of Temperature on Bacterial Growth
Endospore Stain
Eukaryotic Microorganisms - Fungi
Eukaryotic Microorganisms - The Protozoa, Algae, and Helminths
Evaluation of Media
Extracellular Enzymes: Amylase, Lipase, Caseinase, and Gelatinase
Extracellular Enzymes: Catalase
Extracellular Enzymes: Oxidase
Gelatinase Test
Gram Stain
Gram Stain and the Catalase Test
Gram Stain and the Oxidase Test
Growth of Microbes Aseptic Techniques
Human Throat Specimen Identification
IMViC Series
Identification of an Unknown Species
Introduction to Asepsis
Introduction to Methods for Controlling Microbial Growth
Introduction to Microbiology Laboratory
Introduction to Serology and Hematology
Isolation of Microbes: The Streak Plate Method
MacConkey Agar
Methyl Red and Voges-Proskauer Tests
Microbe Hunt
Microbes Around Us
Microbes in Our Food
Microbes in the Soil
Microbes in the Water
Microbial Growth: Growth in Solid and Liquid Media
Microscopic Examination of Microorganisms: Cellular Morphology
Motility: The Flagella Stain, The Hanging Drop Slide, and Motility Agar
Mycology: Introduction to the Fungi
Negative Staining
Nitrate Reductase and the Nitrogen Cycle
Nitrate Reduction
Osmotic Growth
Parasitic Protozoans
Parasitic Worms
Phenol Red Broth
Pour Plate
Preparation of Media
Preparation of Smears and Simple Stain
Prokaryotic Growth
SIM Media
Selective, Differential, and Enriched Media
Simmons Citrate Agar
Spread Plate
Starch Hydrolysis
Steam Sterilization: The Autoclave
Streak Plate Isolation
The Capsule Stain
The Simple Stain
Transformation of Bacteria and Prokaryotic Gene Regulation
Triple Sugar Iron Agar
Ubiquity of Microorganisms
Use of the Eppendorf Micropipette
Viruses Around Us

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