Anatomy of Domestic Animals

Alan Erickson, Ph.D.

This lab manual contains 14 labs designed to help students learn the anatomy of the organ systems found in seven different domestic animal species, using preserved dissection specimens that are readily available from commercial suppliers. The labs are organized in a logical manner to help students build a richly-integrated understanding of how the anatomical structures of animals are used to accomplish their physiological functions.

Outstanding Features:

  • Student Learning Outcomes at the beginning of each lab help students clearly understand what they should know after completing the lab activities.
  • Detailed background information for each lab is provided in an easy-to-follow outline format.
  • Study Guides containing the important terms and structures in each lab provide a convenient resource for students preparing for lab practical quizzes and tests.
  • Lab Exercises are designed to get students actively involved in learning domestic animal anatomy and to ensure the students successfully perform and complete all exercises.
  • Answer Sheets for each lab are formatted to facilitate easy grading to allow timely feedback to students.
Available in Digital and Interactive Format

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Table of Contents

Lab 1: Directional Terms, Bone Structures, and Axial Skeleton
Lab 2: Bone Markings and Appendicular Skeleton
Lab 3: Cells of the Nervous System, Brain Anatomy, and Meninges
Lab 4: Spinal Cord, Peripheral Nervous System (PNS), Neuronal Pathways
Lab 5: Sensory Reception: Touch, Balance, and Hearing
Lab 6: Taste, Smell, and Vision
Lab 7: Joints and Muscles
Lab 8: Digestive System and Anatomy
Lab 9: Blood
Lab 10: Cardiovascular System Anatomy
Lab 11: Respiratory System Anatomy and Pulmonary Ventilation
Lab 12: Urinary System Anatomy
Lab 13: Reproductive System Anatomy
Lab 14: Pregnancy and Embryonic/Fetal Development

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About the Author

Alan Erickson is a Professor of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at South Dakota State University. Since earning his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from North Dakota State University, he has conducted research in a variety of areas and taught Anatomy and Physiology courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The labs in this manual are the result of greater than 25 years of trial and error attempts to develop the types of lab exercises that get students actively engaged in thinking about and learning domestic animal anatomy and physiology.

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