Practical Math for Veterinary Technicians

Marianne Tear, MS, LVT
Susan Burcham, DVM

Learn your own best method for mastering medical math with Practical Math for Veterinary Technicians. This student-focused, user-friendly guide has been created to meet the needs of today’s veterinary technology students and instructors. Written by experienced veterinary technician educators, this comprehensive textbook features math fundamentals, calculations, and conversions, as well as many examples and practice problems. The tone of this book is intended to speak to the student. Math can be intimidating; the textbook should not be.

Outstanding Features:

  • Putting it Into Practice features a huge assortment of practice problems in each chapter, from simple conversions to story problems, with all answer keys found in the online companion website.
  • Example problems throughout the text guide students through as many methods as possible to help students choose their own best path for finding solutions.
  • Tips clarify challenging concepts and provide inside information from practicing veterinary technology professionals.
  • Online resources include additional practice problems along with answer keys for all the problems in the book and PowerPoint lecture outlines and chapter learning objectives for the instructors.
Available in Digital and Interactive Format

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Metric System
  • Chapter 2: Body Weights
  • Chapter 3: Standard Conversions
  • Chapter 4: Nonstandard Conversions
  • Chapter 5: Dose and Dosage Calculations
  • Chapter 6: Advanced Dose and Dosage Calculations
  • Chapter 7: Fluid Calculations
  • Chapter 8: Anesthesia Calculations
  • Chapter 9: Constant Rate Infusion Calculations
  • Chapter 10: Toxic Dose Calculations
  • Appendix A: Demystifying the Story Problem
  • Appendix B: Nutritional Math
  • Appendix C: Potassium Chloride Administration
  • Appendix D: Anion Gap Calculations
  • Appendix E: Emergency Drugs
  • Appendix F: Standard Conversions Reference
  • Index

Chapter Sample

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About the Author

Marianne Tear has been an educator in Veterinary Technology since 1998 and is currently the Program Director of Veterinary Technology at Baker College of Clinton Township in Clinton Township, Michigan.

Susan Burcham has been an educator in Veterinary Technology since 2011 and is currently the Medical Director of Veterinary Technology at Baker College of Clinton Township in Clinton Township, Michigan.

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