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  • ISBN: 978-1-59984-084-0
  • Copyright: 2009
  • Pages: 303

Anatomy & Physiology: The Laboratory Experience Vol. II

Bruce Wingerd, Ph.D.

A perfect accompaniment to any anatomy and physiology textbook, this lab manual can be adopted as-is or customized to meet your specific needs. Students are invited to learn through a comprehensive selection of lab exercises, an engaging writing style, a relevant and supportive art program, and a minimum of essential narrative.

The labs can be used as-is or customized, even down to the word or illustration with writing style that involves students in their own learning process.

  • Narrative is kept to an essential level, avoiding lengthy descriptions.
  • Detailed dissection guides are included.
  • A unique step-by-step instruction in histology.
  • An interactive series of questions included in each lab exercise.
  • “Review Questions” and “Applying Your New Knowledge” segments at the end of each chapter.
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Table of Contents

  1. The Endocrine System
  2. Blood: Histology
  3. Blood: Clinical Tests
  4. The Cardiovascular System: Heart Anatomy
  5. The Cardiovascular System: Heart Physiology
  6. The Cardiovascular System: The Blood Vessels
  7. The Cardiovascular System: Blood Flow Dynamics
  8. The Lymphatic System
  9. The Respiratory System: Anatomy
  10. The Respiratory System: Physiology
  11. The Digestive System: Anatomy
  12. The Digestive System: Physiology
  13. The Urinary System
  14. Urinalysis
  15. The Male Reproductive System
  16. The Female Reproductive System
  17. Embryonic Development
  18. Visceral Dissection of the Cat
  19. Visceral Dissection of the Fetal Pig

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About the Author

Bruce Wingerd has been teaching anatomy and related courses since 1980. He has written numerous textbooks, lab manuals, dissection guides, and multimedia resources in comparative mammalian anatomy, human anatomy, anatomy and physiology, histology, and medical terminology.

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