The Evolution and Biology of Sex

by Sehoya Cotner

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This lab manual was created to accompany a non-majors, large-enrollment, introductory-biology course of the same name, however we hope to appeal to any student interested in learning, in an interactive environment, the basics of the following introductory-level topics: process of science, evolution, molecular genetics, inheritance, the evolution of sex, sexual selection, and reproductive technology.

Table of Contents

  • Lab One: Sex and the Process of Science
  • Lab Two: Evolution and Natural Selection
  • Lab Three: Genetics Part I – From Genotype to Phenotype
  • Lab Four: Genetics Part II – Meiosis and Inheritance
  • Lab Five: Biodiversity of Reproductive Strategies
  • Lab Six: Testing Hypotheses about Adolescent Sexual Behavior
  • Lab Seven: Testing the Red Queen
  • Lab Eight: Testing Hypotheses about HIV (and project work as needed)
  • Lab Nine: Final Group Project Presentations
  • Lab Ten: Sperm Competition
  • Lab Eleven: Human Populations
  • Lab Twelve: Reproductive Technologies and Birth Control
  • Lab Thirteen: Final Presentations

Lab Previews