Large Animal Medicine and Nursing for Veterinary Technicians

by Jennifer Serling, CVT; B.S., Veterinary Science

Print ISBN: 978-1-68135-403-3
eText ISBN: 978-1-68135-409-5

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This practical textbook is a unique and comprehensive resource that focuses on the challenges of large animal medicine and nursing. The text engages students and gives them the necessary material to fully grasp the concepts, which are illustrated in full color.

Outstanding Features:

  • Full-color images of large animal and production animal breeds, including: equine, bovine, camelid, goat, sheep, swine, and poultry.
  • Each chapter begins with a case study to help students apply concepts to a real-life scenario and ends with case study questions to reinforce what they have learned.
  • Disease and parasite information specific to each species.
  • Tips for Techs listed throughout the textbook that discuss interesting facts or helpful tips to implement in large animal practice.
  • Learning Objectives and Review Questions included in each chapter to ensure student retention and comprehension.
  • Drug Formularies and Vaccine Schedules listed for all large animal species.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Large Animal Medicine
  2. Introduction to Restraint
  3. Equine Breeds
  4. Equine Management, Husbandry, and Restraint
  5. Equine Clinical Procedures and Nursing
  6. Equine Diseases
  7. Bovine Breeds
  8. Bovine Management, Husbandry, and Restraint
  9. Bovine Clinical Procedures and Nursing
  10. Bovine Diseases
  11. Sheep and Goat Breeds
  12. Sheep and Goat Management, Husbandry, and Restraint
  13. Sheep and Goat Clinical Procedures and Nursing
  14. Sheep and Goat Diseases
  15. Camelid Breeds, Management, Husbandry, and Restraint
  16. Camelid Clinical Procedures and Nursing
  17. Camelid Diseases
  18. Porcine Breeds
  19. Porcine Management, Husbandry, and Restraint
  20. Porcine Clinical Procedures and Nursing
  21. Porcine Diseases
  22. Poultry: Breeds, Restraint, and Diseases

Appendix 1: Drug Formularies
Appendix 2: Vaccine Schedules
Appendix 3: Glossary
Appendix 4: Bibliography and Webliography
Appendix 5: Index



Drug Formularies

Vaccine Schedules

Student Activities

Question Bank Samples

Procedural Videos

Videos available:

  • Halter and lead horse
  • Equine oral medication (syringe)
  • Equine jugular blood collection
  • Equine intramuscular injections
  • Equine TPR
  • Equine pick feet
  • Equine leg and tail wraps
  • Cattle halter
  • Cattle oral medication ( balling gun)
  • Cattle tail restraint (tail jack)
  • Cattle coccygeal venipuncture
  • Bovine intramuscular injections

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About the Author

Jennifer Serling has been a certified veterinary technician since 1992 with a vast array of experience in both large and small animal medicine. She has a bachelor degree in Veterinary Science from the University of Arizona and an Associate’s degree from Penn Foster College Veterinary Technician Program. Jennifer has been an educator in Veterinary Technology since 2007 and is the Vet Tech Program Director at Pima Medical Institute in Tucson, Arizona. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Penn Foster. She co-authored Practical Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians and has authored chapters in two other veterinary technology textbooks. She lives in Tucson with her children: two humans, Caleb and Elliot and Daffy the Golden Retriever.