Dogfish Anatomy and Dissection Guide

by Bruce Wingerd, Ph.D.

Print ISBN: 1-59984-029-4
eText ISBN: 978-1-59984-941-6

The purpose of this guide is to present a summary of the available information on the anatomy of the spiny dogfish. Its primary focus is the presentation of a logical and understandable sequence of dissection instructions that will guide students through a pictorial journey of dogfish anatomy. The dissection procedures are supplemented by descriptions of basic functions, morphological adaptations, and structural relationships to other vertebrates.

Table of Contents

  1. External Anatomy
  2. The Skeletal System
  3. The Muscular System
  4. Internal Anatomy
  5. The Digestive and Respiratory System
  6. The Circulatory System
  7. The Urogenital System
  8. The Nervous System and Special Senses

About the Author

Bruce Wingerd has been teaching anatomy and related courses since 1980. He has written numerous textbooks, lab manuals, dissection guides, and multimedia resources in comparative mammalian anatomy, human anatomy, anatomy and physiology, histology, and medical terminology.

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